Real Estate Investing Sucks

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FREE on Kindle: July 6 – 10 Real Estate Investing Sucks How to Deal with Change and Find Success as a Real Estate Investor Want to Run a Successful Real Estate Investing Business? Are you trying to build and sustain a long-term real estate investing business? Do you want to spend more time with your […]

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Sins City Stories

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Sins City Stories Who are they: the inhabitants of the Big City?  Strong individuals, pursuing their careers in the place of big hopes naive dreamers, wishing to find their happiness and contentedness, or just small working ants that are purposelessly wandering between their job locations, supermarkets, and concrete buildings in the nets of the big […]

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Vickie Phelps – Author

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Vickie Phelps has been involved with books every since she was a young girl living in a small Texas town.  She was one of the pioneers in writing ebooks with her first  ebook published in 1999. I was thrilled to chat with her about her latest book Psalms for the Common Man   Melanie Rockett: […]

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Have Gun, Will Travel

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Have Gun, Will Travel The sun never sets on a Bare Bones patch. Beatrix Hellman has reunited with her Bare Bones sweetbutt friends from high school. Her isolated life in a mountaintop convent has ground to a sudden halt, her faith dashed against the rocks. She needs something else to believe in, and her old […]

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The Perpetual Paycheck

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The Perpetual Paycheck
5 Secrets to Getting a Job, Keeping a Job, and Earning Income for Life in the Loyalty-Free Workplace

Right now is the perfect time to be looking for a job, because there are more opportunities for employees than ever before.

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Must Have Hair – A Short Story

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Must Have Hair – A Short Story What if the love you’ve been searching for is right under your nose? Monique, approaching forty and desperate to be a wife and mother, is looking for love in all the wrong places. Adam, an unassuming artist, has been in love with her for three years. Knowing that […]

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Phantasia After finding the body of a dragon in a metallic desert, Red finds out that he is the reincarnation of a messiah worshipped by an insectoid alien race bent on invading his star system. Swept into a dangerous adventure across glacial swamps, cloud cities, and dead stars — Red must evade his true purpose […]

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Your Place of Destiny

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Your Place of Destiny The hallmark of every potential human being is to think about destiny. For each and every person there is a great destiny, but it has to be unleashed here on earth! Every person is a person of greatness. Your place of destiny is an ideal book for anyone ready to launch […]

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Catch me if you Dare

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Catch me if you Dare ***This was truly an exceptional thriller; one that really stood out from other thrillers as a league of its own.***  by JenniferBoyce » 06 May 2014, GoodRead Review. Jake Mathews is a U.S. Marshal with a special skill, he is considered to be the best man hunter the service has. […]

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Death Rattles

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Death Rattles: Three Tales of Horror and the Macabre What is it about fear that excites us? Why do we feel the yearn to seek out terror, to feel shivers convulse our skin and our heart pump hard in our chests? Whatever the reason may be, Death Rattles: Three Tales of Horror and the Macabre […]

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Marla Press – Author

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Today I am chatting with Marla Press about her new book … I’m a Dog, You’re a Cat; Love Lessons From Our Furry Friends. When I found out that Marla had written a book about dog/cat personality types I was instantly hooked.  The simple classification makes it easier to understand interpersonal communication and personality types.  […]

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Ascension Day #1

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FREE on Kindle: June 24 – 27 Ascension Day #1 Only 47 days left until Larry Durrant’s execution, but lawyer Lac McElroy is determined to save his client’s life. There are only three small problems: the evidence against Durrant is overwhelming, he’s made a full confession, and he wants to die… “Move over Grisham, your […]

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Portal to Mescalahem

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Portal to Mescalahem The first book in the Wendel Wright Chronicles series. Fifteen-year-old Wendel Wright and his family are forced to move to an old house nestled into a deep forest on the Oregon Coast, after his father dies in a tragic accident. The old three-story home feels dark and unwelcoming on the moonless night […]

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Jonra Springs – Author

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Jonra Springs is definitely a Renaissance man, with a  wide variety of skill sets and an amazing ability to adapt to his circumstances.  He has just published his first book, which is Episode 1 in a unique “written” cartoon series. I caught up with him to find out more . . .     Melanie […]

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On the Way

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On the Way: A Working Woman’s Field Guide You’ve read Lean In and other inspirational books on women in the workplace. Now how do you turn your goals into reality? Start putting ideas into practice today. This essential guide offers practical steps on how to build and grow a successful and satisfying career. It is […]

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Yoga Mama

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Yoga Mama: 18 Easy Yoga Poses for Expectant Mothers With a strong emphasis on “easy” and “safe,” this book will walk you through eighteen of the most useful poses to help make your pregnancy smoother, happier, and less stressful. In addition to the physical benefits, an easy prenatal yoga practice provides invaluable spiritual rewards and […]

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100lbs. Later

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Now FREE on Kindle 100lbs. Later: “How I Lost over 100lbs. in 8 Months and How YOU Can Do It Too!” For a long time I felt it would be impossible to lose the weight, but by learning certain principles and weight management tricks, I was able to lose over 100lbs. My story was featured […]

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