Brooklyn’s Song

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Brooklyn’s Song “****Free with Kindle Unlimited**** An attempted assassination, humor, New York City, suspense, mystery, romance and a sexy detective…What more do you want in a story? “So damn good …I might read it again. The author skillfully takes you through suspense, humor, romance and thrills. An incredible read.” Brooklyn Pierce has just witnessed an […]

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The Black Fire Chronicles: Origins

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FREE on Kindle: Nov 23 – 27 The Black Fire Chronicles: Origins One afternoon, Andrew Adler’s average 12-year old life changes forever. He is thrust into a world of excitement and fantasy when his loyal dog Ralph begins to talk and he learns that his dad is in danger. Who are the sinister race of […]

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The Last Christmas Ornament

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Now only $0.99 on Kindle The Last Christmas Ornament Jenna Camden knew nothing would be the same again. She didn’t have to look around her home with its colorful and shining Christmas decorations, the tall Christmas tree in her front room with the many Christmas ornaments that told in a special way the story of […]

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The Path of the Fallen

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Free on Kindle:  Nov 20 – 24 The Path of the Fallen Set against the backdrop of the tundra and a world desperate for hope, the journey of a young man, E’Malkai, will come to define a realm that has been broken by an evil that does not sleep. A bitter betrayal, and the inception […]

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Rocky Mountain Hook Up

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Now FREE on Kindle Rocky Mountain Hook Up:  To Love Again Book One ~ Books 1 – 3 are now available in a Box Set. ~ Not your Mama’s Mrs. Robinson … It’s Thanksgiving weekend, and Isabel Chapel is ready to shake things up. She heads to a club known to be a sure […]

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Stay Vertical

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ONLY $0.99 on Kindle: Nov 19 – 21 Stay Vertical (THE BARE BONES MC #2) One two three four five six seven. All good sinners go to heaven. Peace Corps volunteer June Shellmound returns to Arizona to care for her dying mother. At the clubhouse of The Bare Bones motorcycle club, June is swept into […]

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Return to Cedar Hill

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ONLY $0.99 on Kindle Return to Cedar Hill In search of something she can’t quite put a name to Mary Lane returns to the place her family has called home for almost two hundred years. Some would say she was looking for a new beginning, and others who thought they knew her well would insist […]

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Lifeguards and Liars

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FREE on Kindle: Nov 18 – 22 Lifeguards and Liars: A Nanny Blu Cozy Mystery Blu Parker, nanny extraordinaire, is on a mission to make this the best summer ever for her and the two kids she cares for—something that’s not difficult to do in the sweet little beach community of Diamond Bay. Unlike many […]

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Ecstasy, Killer on Call book 1

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FREE on Kindle: Nov 18 – 22 Ecstasy, Killer on Call book 1 There are people in this world who deserve to die. Tim, the Killer with a Conscience takes care of them. For a price. When Tim takes a date on a job she falls in love with his target and he finds himself […]

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Doggy Celebrates Christmas

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Doggy Celebrates Christmas Ella the doggy and her people family are getting ready for the Christmas Holiday! This book is one of several great kids stories from the “Ella the Doggy” book series. This series is made up of short stories for kids about a real Husky who lives in Minnesota. “Ella the Doggy”books are […]

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Coronado Dreaming

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Now FREE on Kindle Coronado Dreaming   (The Silver Strand Series Book 1) Love isn’t dead… it’s just unconscious. Two soul-mates meet on a perfect San Diego day, and before they have a chance to see each other again, Greg, through a quirk of fate, finds himself in the strange, dreamlike world of a coma. A […]

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Bitten WHAT READERS ARE SAYING: “Bitten is an extremely well-balanced and engaging novel. It contains mystery, suspense, horror, romance, and best of all – a creative, genre-bending twist on werewolf mythology. The story is quick-paced and dark without being too heavy or overdramatic. The protagonist is a strong and courageous FBI agent who is able […]

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Zoren Child of God

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Zoren Child of God You can also find my book here When Zoren is taken captive by an evil king, all seems lost. With his future in peril, Zoren must rely on his faith, and the power of the Holy Spirit, to follow the path of truth and fulfill his great quest from God. Equipped […]

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Fit into that little Black Dress for Christmas

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Fit into that little Black Dress for Christmas Amazon US Book Link A simple 3 step system that helps you to lose up to 14lbs in 6 weeks or less.

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Weatherhead Nine months after his wife’s death, a man is abducted from his house by a band of violent thieves and taken to a nightmarish city called Weatherhead. There he falls under the dark attentions of the cruel, despotic ruler of the city: the wife he thought dead. This a love story between a person […]

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Haven of Dante

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Now ONLY $0.99 on Kindle Haven of Dante Fem-Neo in a Supernatural Matrix! Haven Irena Dante, seventeen, struggles with a dysfunctional family. Her workaholic father is never there, but his absence is filled by a loving mother harboring the secret and mysterious past of their family. The Dantes are inheritors of a centuries old legacy […]

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The Coincidence Makers

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The Coincidence Makers The Coincidence Makers tells the story of Guy, Emily & Eric, whose job is creating coincidences and initiating various events in other people’s lives. The three graduated from a “coincidence creation course” that took place 2 years prior to the events in the book, in which they learned techniques for creating what […]

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