Caroline’s Promise

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Only 99cents on Kindle Caroline’s Promise Orphaned at the age of fourteen, Caroline Akiko Holt found refuge in a factory job painting toys – a job that satisfies her artistic side while still putting food on the table. All she wants is to live the American dream, just as her immigrant British father encouraged her […]

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Valentine’s Sweetheart Dinner

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Kindle Countdown Special: Feb 6 – 9 Only 99cents Feb 10 – 12 just $1.99 Feb 13 – $2.99 Valentine’s Sweetheart Dinner Wonderful collection of Dinners, appetizers and Desserts to share with your special someone, spouse or sweetheart on Valentine’s Day or any day. TWICE as many recipes as the Thanksgiving Dinner book! Here’s What […]

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The Digital Graffiti

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Please NOMINATE on Kindle Scout The Digital Graffiti by Rose Carter A digital graffiti forecasts assassination The President is in town. Just prior to his visit, two events happen, a college professor is murdered and a digital graffiti shows up in the center of the town, threatening the President’s life. Strongly suspecting a connection between […]

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Now FREE on Kindle Outlier: One mistake can destroy everything The small town of Rockport, Texas, has a secret. Known by only one resident, soon to be a monster with unimaginable power. Unwilling victims in an unfolding experiment run by a global conglomerate more powerful than the government. A secret that will soon explode into […]

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Alien: Taken – Human Test Subject

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FREE on Kindle: Feb 5 – 7 Alien: Taken – Human Test Subject ~Brestille of Aiyrn~ They’ve been raiding our planet for generations, but I didn’t believe the rumors about twins being bad luck – at least not until the day Gvynette and I were taken. The Terrans snatched us from our home world, brought […]

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Sister’s Revenge

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Sister’s Revenge Michelle was just another kid growing up in the hood. Then life got hard. After her parents died, her older brother—a gangster himself—took good care of her. But the street life killed him. She was twenty, scared, no skills, and had a score to settle. “I love Michelle, she is ruthless, and yet […]

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Troy Gathers – Author

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One of the reasons Quotes are so popular on all the Social Media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest is because one or two short sentences can change your day. Rather than compiling a book of quotes from other people, Troy Gathers created his own “stop and think” quotes. One for each day of the […]

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Hopeless to Husband

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FREE on Kindle: Feb 5 – 6
Download the book, leave a review and enter your name to WIN a brand new 7” Kindle Fire

When you’ve completed your review send your name and review to . . .

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Aspeans The Invasion

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Now ONLY $0.99 on Kindle Aspeans The Invasion James was surrounded by fear. He and everyone else with Asperger’s had been thrown into a concentration camp, and fear was everywhere. His fellow inmates had no idea what was going on. Innocent victims: that’s what they were. The government had obviously panicked, losing control and giving […]

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Chronicles of A Vixen – Part 1

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Now ONLY  $0.99 on Kindle Chronicles of A Vixen – Part 1 Experience the confessions and suspense of this Urban Christian Fiction from best-selling author Sherylynne L. Rochester. In this Kindle book, world-renowned Video Vixen and Pop Singer Tiffany “The Vixen” Johnson is spending the final days of her short, illustrious life in a hospital […]

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No Time for Love

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Now only 99cents on Kindle No Time for Love Clean Sweet Romance is Here to Stay!!! What you get in the No Time for Love: •A Quick Clean Read •Christian Romance •A Romance Short Story (No Time for Love is a 90 min read) High Stakes Washington D.C. Business Woman, Michelle Rocco, has no time […]

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Infinite Passion

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NOW on Kindle Infinite Passion: Ancient Secrets about Love Africa is the cradle of humankind. Unknown to many people, it is also the home of the crypts that house the ancient secrets to infinite passion. When a man from Africa introduces a white woman from America to these secrets, it changes her life forever and […]

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Fiverr Gig Recommendations

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Book Marketing on Steroids! Here are some great gigs to help you with your book marketing.  The gigs include book cover designers, downloading files to your Amazon account, marketing your book and creating video trailers.    All of the following services are available on Fiverr … at a starting price of only $5.00. Promote Your Book […]

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Chris Oestereich – Editor

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When I first ran into the Wicked Problems Cooperative I was amazed by the magnitude and scope of world problems that this group of volunteers are willing to tackle. The WPC has just released their first book, What Do We Do About Inequality?  I had the opportunity to chat with WPC founder and editor, Chris […]

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Billionaire Nights

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Billionaire Nights He’s cocky, sexy as all hell and filthy rich. Luke is the type of bad boy I stay away from. The moment we met I knew he was trouble. I told myself to steer clear, but I can’t deny there’s something there. Little by little he breaks down my defenses, and I realize […]

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Memoirs of a Girl Who Loves God

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Memoirs of a Girl Who Loves God Fourteen-year-old Krystal finds herself flailing when her parents separate. Unable to cope, she begins cutting. No one knows. At her new school, she makes one single friend, Em, who invites her to volunteer at the local homeless shelter. There, Krystal discovers fellow misfits, including Brandon, a boy from […]

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It’ll End In Tears

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It’ll End In Tears It’ll End In Tears tells the tale of a rather mediocre psychologist with Borderline Personality Disorder. After eight years of trying to keep up with his moods, his wife Elisa has reached her breaking point and they separate. Meanwhile, he has taken on a rather disturbing patient named Bryan. He has […]

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