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Desire & Prejudice Only $0.99  till Aug 21 In an instant, Adam’s life has crumbled.  The trauma keeps him awake at night, the pressure squeezing against his lungs, his soul. His life continues on a downward spiral until he’s entirely broken.  And he doesn’t know how he’ll ever be whole again.  Until he meets Jasmine. […]

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Small Batch Preserves

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Hot off the Press Small Batch Preserves Jams, Conserves, Marmalades and Jellies Making your own jams, jellies, conserves and marmalades can be a wonderfully satisfying hobby. You can make a small batch of goodies is as little as 30 to 60 minutes. A few of the recipes take longer to make, but that is usually […]

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The God’less Saga

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The God’less Saga ~~~ Even in heaven, there’s a power structure. Ashley Book has been raised by her dad in isolation; trained to control herself so that she can get into space and earn a place with the Corporations. She’ll have choices there. If she stays on earth, she’s stuck with only two choices . . .

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Wolf: A Military P.A.C. Novel

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Wolf: A Military P.A.C. Novel Michael Scott ended the Oil Wars, but he doesn’t remember how. Three years later, his Recon team is dead. Then he finds out he’s been poisoned. He thinks it has to do with the military hardware his father built: a personal adaptive computer that can act as communications unit and […]

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2076: A Revolutionary Tale

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2076: A Revolutionary Tale All systems have failed. The seas have risen, the skies have darkened and the American Midwest has become a desert. A handful of corporations own and operate the country and food is used as a means of oppression. The year is 2074. America is now a third-world nation and China, with […]

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Coco Saves Monstertown

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Kindle FREE Days:  Aug 21 – 23 Coco Saves Monstertown by Amy McNeil Children’s Picture Book for Ages 4-8 Coco doesn’t fit in at his new school because he isn’t scary, and the other monsters tease him. When the annual Halloween festival hosts the Scariest Monster Contest, Coco’s classmates can’t wait to sign up. On […]

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AlterWorld (Play to Live: Book #1)

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Kindle FREE Day:  Aug 20 AlterWorld (Play to Live: Book #1) A new pandemic – the perma effect – has taken over Earth of the near future. Whenever you play your favorite online game, beware: your mind might merge with the virtual world and dump its comatose host. Woe be to those stuck forever in […]

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Love Finds You

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Now FREE on Kindle Love Finds You The Helena’s Grove Series Book 1 Note: This book was previously published under “Love Is Thicker Than Blood” by Ivy Alexander. New content has been added including an extended ending, with twists and turns you’ll be sure to love! Jennifer Berkley is a straightforward, ambitious, soon-to-be lawyer in […]

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Until There Was You

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Kindle 99cents Special:  Aug 17 – 23  Until There Was You From the author of Because of You comes an all-new contemporary eBook romance. He plays by the rules, she’s not afraid to break them. Now these two strong-willed Army captains will prove that opposites attract . . . A by-the-book captain with a West […]

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The Employee Entrepreneur’s Guide to the 5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Business

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Kindle FREE Days:  Aug 17  - 19 How To Avoid The 5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Business Anyone can become an entrepreneur but becoming a successful entrepreneur isn’t an option for everyone. Over 50% of businesses will fail by their 5th year. If you want to thrive as an entrepreneur, you must read this […]

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Lebanese Arabic Phrasebook Vol. 1

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Kindle FREE Days:  Aug 15 – 18 $0.99 Sale:  Aug 19 – 20 Lebanese Arabic Phrasebook Vol. 1 An effective way to learn Lebanese through practical sentences, puzzles and videos A very practical way to learn Lebanese This is a Lebanese Arabic phrasebook, in a sense that it is designed to both: 1- Give you […]

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The Shark in the Park

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***** – “We, the readers, are the winners. This is pure delight on every level. MORE please!” – Grady Harp HALL OF FAME TOP 50 REVIEWER VINE VOICE

*****- “One of the cutest children’s #books I’ve ever read. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.” – Rebecca of #Amazon

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Mina More A Young Adult Fantasy Romance Adventure

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Mina More” A Young Adult Fantasy Romance Adventure This book was formerly titled ‘Sector 9G’. In the Southwest England of the near future, an area known to the central European powers in Brussels as ‘Sector 9G’, young IT professional Tim McNamee makes the decision to buy a cyborg bride named Mina. Several years later he […]

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Awareness: The Mind Talker Romance Series

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Awareness: The Mind Talker Romance Series, Book 1 A Paranormal Romance Story That voice in her mind, she couldn’t be completely sure but it sounded so familiar to her. Ananda discovered that she can read other people’s mind when she was 11. It is supposed to be a gift but it’s driving her crazy. Her […]

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51 Dump Cake Recipes

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51 Dump Cake Recipes Scrumptious Dump Cake Desserts To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Baking doesn’t have to be difficult or intimidating. You can make a delicious cake in just a few steps, with just a few ingredients by using a “dump” cake recipe. Dump cakes make less mess than traditional cakes and offer unusual and […]

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It’s a Kind of Funny Thing

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It’s a Kind of Funny Thing … That Happened on the Road to… Introducing It’s a kind of a funny thing that happened on the road… (From Addiction to Transplant to Recovery) What happens when a Wimpy Caregiver meets a Broken-Down-Blues-Drummer? ~Funny things happen — and all hell breaks loose — on the way… to […]

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Love Beyond Time

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Now Free on Kindle Love Beyond Time (Book 1 of Morna’s Legacy Series) #1 Amazon Bestseller in Time Travel Romance by USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Bethany Claire Do You Love Sexy Scots, Romance, & Mystery? “Love Beyond Time” will make you laugh, cry, and leave you eager for more. It began nearly four hundred years […]

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Crescent (George Ash Chronicles Book 1) “Crescent” is a contemplative, existential short story about a young heart surgeon, Dr. George Ash, who is surrounded by death, struggling to find balance in his mostly solitary life. His irregular sleeping patterns lend a dreamlike atmosphere to his daily life, as he shifts from providing emotional support for […]

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