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Leverage is now Available on Audible Leverage on CD Leverage (The Mistaken Series Book 2) Four years ago, Tyler Karras’ quest to avenge his wife’s death led to all out war with San Francisco’s Russian Mafia. With the Bratva’s collapse and its king, Dmitri Chernov, long dead, all Ty wants now is to put it […]

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The Devil’s Lieutenant

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The Devil’s Lieutenant Jake Holyfield, a young, married homicide detective, finds himself investigating a series of barbaric murders where the bodies are dissolved leaving blood, sinew and globs of fat at the scene. A mysterious informant provides insider clues on the murders that challenge Jake’s belief system. The informant claims the killer is the Devil’s […]

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Big Thunder-Hearted River

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FREE on Kindle: Jan 26 – 27 Big Thunder-Hearted River As a raft guide, Eddy Arway is living his dream, leading tourists safely down North Carolina’s untamed Thunder River every summer. But Eddy’s whole life is about to change, when he starts to hear the eerie, anguished voice of a long-dead Cherokee woman. Is she […]

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How to Say NO to People Who Just Won’t Listen

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For a limited time only:  $0.99 How to Say NO to People Who Just Won’t Listen Respectful Communication in Difficult Relationships (Set Your Boundaries Your Way) What part of NO don’t they understand? You know who I mean – those stubborn, manipulative people who just won’t take no for an answer. The ones whose unreasonable […]

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Drink Up

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FREE on Kindle: Jan 24 – 25 Drink Up Drink Up to get on the Health Revolution now! Julie and Ryan Michaels go through some of their favorite recipes for Juices (including GREEN JUICES!), Protein Shakes/Smoothies and Fruit-Infused Water to give you a healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks. Together, they show you multiple options […]

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Python Programming For Beginners

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FREE on Kindle: Jan 23 Python Programming For Beginners The Book “Python Programming For Beginners” is a Quick and Easy Guide for Python Programmers to learn python programming. This book includes all the basics of python, data structures, operators, control statements, functions, classes, strings, etc which are used in python. You can also learn about […]

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How to Knit: Patterns for Experienced Knitters

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FREE on Kindle: Jan 22 How to Knit: Patterns for Experienced Knitters Unique Knitting Projects – Perfect for the Advanced Knitter Knitting Patterns for Experienced Knitters This book provides several unique, customizable knitting patterns for knitters with experience. Best selling Author Margaret Miller is back with the third installment in her “How To Knit” Series! […]

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Bedtime Stories For Kids!

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FREE on Kindle: Jan 22 – 23 Bedtime Stories For Kids! Funny Monsters Go Camping Entertaining and Educational Adventure Stories for Children of All Ages with 30 COLORFULL ILLUSTRATIONS Your Children Will Love! Alice Cussler is pleased to present her new book for children – “Bedtime Stories For Kids! Funny Monsters Go Camping” that is […]

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Interracial Dating

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FREE on Kindle: Jan 21 – 25 Interracial Dating The No Nonsense Guide On Dealing With Social Attitudes Hi, I’m Shania Meyers and I have helped many interracial couples deal with social pressure. You’re about to discover… proven steps and strategies to help you better appreciate the dynamics of interracial relationships, including the benefits and […]

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Mature Dating

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FREE on Kindle: Jan 21 – 25 Mature Dating The No Nonsense Guide On Finding Love Later In Life And Having Fun Along The Way Hi, I’m Maria Hill and I have helped many people who have been out of the dating game for a long time. You’re about to discover how… to start dating […]

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Underage Drinking

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FREE on Kindle: Jan 21 – 25. Underage Drinking The No Nonsense Guide For Parents To Help Their Child Hi, I’m Dr. Ralph Bush and I have counseled many families that had to deal with underage drinking. You’re about to learn… proven steps and strategies to help you better understand the reasons and motivations behind […]

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Auraria: A Novel

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Free on Kindle: Jan 20 – 22 Auraria: A Novel “Holtzclaw hadn’t heard of Auraria until his employer sent him to destroy it…” Shimmery mystery and spirits, humble monsters, singing trees and vengeful fish in the 19th-century north Georgia mountains. “A fascinating cast of characters into a genuinely inventive novel that reads like steampunk via […]

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Before Nightfall

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Only $0.99 on Kindle: Jan 19 – 31 Before Nightfall “If they move you, they will kill you”Here’s what reviewers are saying about Before Nightfall: ‘Fast paced, action packed and detail-conscious without interrupting the flow of the story… Before Nightfall is hands-down my favourite book of 2014. Reminiscent of master story-teller, Sidney Sheldon, Rachel Amphlett is […]

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Sasha Dreams – Author

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I had an opportunity to talk to Sasha Dreams about her book,  It Takes A Fool: A Tough Lesson Learned On Bullying .   Bullying is a serious topic these days with regular news stories about suicides resulting from bullying, the toll it takes on those who are the victims of bullies, and the violence […]

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Deception in Paradise

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Only $0.99 on Kindle: Jan 18 – 20 Deception in Paradise Madison Westin is back!! The Florida Keys are hotter than ever. With Madison’s never-say-no style she’s smarter and packing an attitude not to mention her Glock. This time, trouble rolls into Tarpon Cove in the form of Madison’s ex-husband, Jackson Devereaux, whom she hoped to never […]

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Risk (A Billionaire Love Story)

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FREE on Kindle: Jan 18 – 22 Risk (A Billionaire Love Story) Money Loyalty Danger Deborah Growing up was rough for me, from foster home to foster home, and finally into my own makeshift family of the lost and forgotten. But I had overcome that, determined to give both myself and the ones I cared for a […]

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Dead But Living

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Now FREE on Kindle Dead But Living What saves you from sure death – EVIL or DIVINE? Eric had never done any good to any one in his life. But, when he is about to die of tuberculosis, something saves him - A Dream. He believes something EVIL has saved him and he knew he had to […]

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