Healthy Soup

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Healthy Soup 50+ Delicious and Healthy Soup Recipes It may sound easy to you to make soup, but without knowing how to do it well, your soup may not be tasty and delicious. Therefore, you need to know how to make soup with best recipe How can soup be so popular in the society? Soup […]

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Selling Groceries & More on Amazon

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FREE on Kindle: Oct 19 – 22 Selling Groceries & More on Amazon The Ultimate Home Based Business for Families Selling online has always been a great way to earn extra money, but it can be challenging trying to juggle an online business, a full time job and a family. How can a working mom, […]

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Ken Williams – Author

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Today I have the pleasure of talking to author, Ken Williams.  Ken lives and works in Santa Barbara, which in spite of being one of the richest cities in North America, is also “home” to hundreds of homeless men, women and children.  Ken spent decades working with the homeless and mentally ill, advocating for changes […]

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The 7-Day Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan

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The 7-Day Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan 35 Delicious Low Carb Recipes For Weight Loss Motivation – Volume 3 Anatomy of a Ketogenic Diet Your body uses what you eat to give you energy. Carbohydrates raise your blood sugar levels, and your body reacts by producing insulin to deal with it. Unfortunately, insulin aids in converting […]

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Inviting Trouble

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Inviting Trouble This noir flavored erotica novella centers on Trixie’s quest to solve the murder of her best friend, Hazel. Trixie works alongside the distractingly hot cop, Vincent, to uncover the truth. Trixie soon learns that she’s the kind of girl who will go all the way to close the case. About the Author Nancey […]

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One Mile Deep, Long Time Dying 2

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Now FREE on Kindle One Mile Deep, Long Time Dying 2 The action packed Long Time Dying series continues with woman sleuth Eva Roberts leading the way into a sexy mystery which is One Mile Deep! One Mile Deep – Long Time Dying Book 2 Private Detectives, business partners and lovers, Eva Roberts and Dan […]

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Bedtime Stories About Funny Monsters

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Bedtime Stories About Funny Monsters Alice Cussler is pleased to present her new book for children – “Bedtime Stories About Funny Monsters” that is part of the series “Funny Monster Bedtime Stories Collection for Children Ages 4-8″. Amusing and instructive monster stories are enhanced by 20 full color illustrations! All monsters are different, but that […]

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Falling for Him 1

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Now FREE on Kindle Falling for Him 1 Falling for Him 1 is a romance about true love that conquers all obstacles. Can Rachel and Peter make it work? Rachel is left alone in the mountains, until fate steps in with a guy who would rather not be bothered with helping. Peter has had enough […]

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What Does Your Gut Tell You?

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Kindle Special Only $0.99: Oct 15 – 22 What Does Your Gut Tell You? The Surefire Way to Get Rid of that Evil Sagging Belly Fat The Surefire Way to Get Rid of that Evil Sagging Belly Fat! * * *LIMITED TIME OFFER! 50% OFF! (Regular Price $6.99) * * * You’re about to discover […]

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Vitamins and Supplements

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Vitamins and Supplements The Ultimate Guide on Vitamins and Supplements in Health and Wellness Learn about Vitamins and Supplements in Health and Wellness Today! Discover the benefits of different vitamins and supplements and which ones are the most critical for a long and healthy life! Your body needs very specific vitamins and minerals to function […]

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Episode One: Look Back in Anger

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Episode One: Look Back in Anger After a run-in with a rude synthpet client that leaves her in tears, the last thing Sam needs is to get called down to her ailing father’s office…yet again. The day gets worse when it’s her vicious step-brother from hell who greets her, only to make her an offer […]

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Hearts Aflame Collection VI

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Now FREE on Kindle Hearts Aflame Collection VI I’m proud to offer this sixth Hearts Aflame Collection. Thank you all for your continued amazing support. The Storm to Come (Lynxar Series – Dangerous Destinies, Book 17) Apple and Bellaron have settled into a quiet existence, though with a baby on the way and super villains […]

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Vampire World

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Vampire World From ruling the school to Vampire nobody! Marissa, aka Janice loses everything when a one night make-out session turns into a nightmare. Turned into a Vampire, and tossed into an orphanage in their world she finds herself struggling to adjust and make something of her new-found life. Adventure abounds as she begins to […]

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Rich Marcello – Author

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Today I’m interviewing Author, Rich Marchello.  Rich walked away from a successful career as a technology executive, managing several multi-billion dollar businesses in order to pursue his dream as a poet, musician and author. You can find Rich Marcello: On his website:  On twitter:  @marcellor On Facebook:  Rich Marcello On Pinterest:  Rich Marcello   […]

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My Heart In Seoul

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My Heart In Seoul Sweet, sensual romance is alive and well. Check out the bestselling, award-winning “My Heart In Seoul. Jasmine Sinclair, is a strong-willed journalist who is engaged to a Hollywood actor. Her fiancé’s indiscretions create a scandal, leaving Jasmine washing her hands of all men. At the insistence of her mother, she accompanies […]

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The Katrina Contract

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Now on Kindle The Katrina Contract Kept secret from the American public, after the inept response of public emergency agencies to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, military contractor companies began quietly offering private emergency services. At a price only the wealthy can afford, these contracts function as a world-wide 9-1-1, offering personal rapid-response extraction from anywhere […]

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Evasion The Mind Talker Romance Series, Book 5 ***This book contains approximately 5,000 words*** A Paranormal Romance Story The fifth and final book of the Mind Talker Romance Series – Ryan is the mystery man who is helping Jared and Ananda to escape to Canada in hopes of evading the organization that is hunting all […]

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