Sell More Kindle Books

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Sell More Kindle Books 12 Master Book Marketing Systems Reviewed The Only Book Of Its Kind! Objective Reviews of Twelve Expert Ebook Marketing Courses * * * FREE Bonus Gift Included Inside * * * Top twelve master selling systems reviewed & graded Expert tactics to increase your Kindle sales and ranking Big name systems […]

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Love and Sex Under the Stars

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Love and Sex Under the Stars Use Astrology and the Planets Venus and Mars to Make Your Love Life Everything You Want It to Be This is your chance to understand your own heart, and the needs and desires of those you love best. The planets Venus and Mars are the source of everything romantic […]

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Best Brunches and Breakfasts

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Kindle Special $0.99   till April 16 –  20 Best Brunches and Breakfasts (Easy Recipes from Scratch) Family brunches are where memories are made! This year, serve up some elegant Peach and Mascarpone Crepes, some home-made buttery Brioche, and light and fluffy Banana-Walnut Pancakes. We include detailed instructions and tips on how to make crepes […]

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How To Decorate A Cake

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Kindle Countdown Special:  April 16 – 21 How To Decorate A Cake Cake decorating is really a modern-age art form, and one that until recent years was very often overlooked. There is nothing as sure to garner you the approval, and the admiring “oohs and ahs”, of your guests than a beautifully decorated cake. People […]

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Foot Reflexology Self Massage

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Kindle Countdown Special:  April 14 – 18 Starting at $0.99  ~~ Foot Reflexology Self Massage: 13 Power Reflexology Points for Health and Vitality This newly released book reveals an amazing, time-tested healing and rejuvenation art of foot reflexology that helps alleviate stress, migraines and tension headaches, anxiety and depression, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and many other […]

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Gluten-free Vegan

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Kindle Free day: April 15 Gluten-free Vegan: Healthy everyday recipes in under 30 minutes **Amazon Best Selling Book in three categories** Bland-free, gluten-free vegan recipes for super busy people. If you are looking to start a diet that is both vegan and gluten free you are in the right place! This book will show you […]

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Keeping Chickens

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Kindle FREE Day:  April 15 Keeping Chickens: A Beginner’s Guide A flock of chickens isn’t just for the official farmer anymore. As it turns out, there is a resurgence of America’s love affair with their feathered friends. And why not? What’s not to love about chickens? Chickens, with their silly antics and funny ways are […]

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Touchdowns:  The Drew Neilson Series (Book 1) ~~ 50% Discount Coupon Code on Smashwords ~~ Use coupon code KC57W for 50% off Also available on Amazon’s Kindle Are you looking to be inspired? Do you love sports, romance, action and drama? If so, you will love Touchdowns, the first book in the Drew Neilson series. […]

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The Astro Tutor: Master Astrology Step by Step with an Expert

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Kindle Countdown Special:  April 13 – 19 Starting at $0.99 The Astro Tutor: Master Astrology Step by Step with an Expert Basic Through Advanced Astrology (Explore Astrology with Nancy Frederick) In this newly updated and expanded version of her popular book, acclaimed astrologer Nancy Frederick teaches you the basics with her trademark clarity and gives […]

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Larva High School 1 – Sensitivity & Strength

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FREE on KINDLE Larva High School 1, Sensitivity & Strength How do you go back to school after your life collapses at your very first party? For freshman Sara, going back to school means facing her boyfriend Ben, who made out with another girl at the party, and her best friend Amber, a.k.a the-girl-Ben-made-out-with. How […]

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Thru The Eyes And Mind Of A Poet

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Kindle Countdown Sale:  April 12 – 18 Thru The Eyes And Mind Of A Poet Poetry that takes you on an endless journey where one’s feelings and imaginations can bring a sense of realism as to what it’s like to be able to imagine the thoughts, sites, and feelings of what it’s like to live […]

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Anxiety Relief

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Kindle $0.99 Special Anxiety Relief Psychotherapy Case Studies Using Meditation, Breathing and Yoga As a licensed social worker and certified yoga teacher I’ve been able to assist clients with agitation, anxiety attacks, low moods, overwhelming stress reactions and performance fears by combining traditional breathing techniques, meditations and simple yoga poses with insights from my psychotherapy […]

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The Internet Marketing Myth: Bullshit, Lies & Fake Paychecks

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Kindle FREE Days:  April 12 – 16 The Internet Marketing Myth: Bullshit, Lies & Fake Paychecks The Internet Marketing Myth Releasing this book is going to make me a lot of enemies. Cool! Internet marketers are going to hate me for sharing all this info with you, but I have no problem with that. I […]

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Entangled Love

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Kindle Countdown Special:  Only $0.99 April 12 – 18 Entangled Love Michael has watched Evelyn take on her father’s responsibilities since she was a young teenager. Keeping up appearances has taken its toll on her ability to let her father face the consequences of his actions. Michael has yearned for a deeper relationship with Evelyn […]

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I’ll Have The Soup And Salad

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Kindle Countdown Special:  April 12 – 18 I’ll Have The Soup And Salad April 12 – 13:priced at $0.99 April 14 – 15: priced at $1.99 April 16 – 17: priced at $2.99 April 18: price returns to $3.99 When you envision the perfect bowl of steamy, delicious soup, what comes to mind? Is it […]

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Dreams Claimed

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FREE on Kindle Dreams Claimed Book 1 (Warfield’s Landing) Find the girl, fall in love… right? Wrong. It isn’t that easy. Daniel Sterling saw his ideal girl when he was twelve — in a vintage magazine…Twenty two years later, he sees her on the Washington DC Metro. On a different train.The search is on. Rising […]

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Parachutes and Peppermints

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FREE on Kindle Parachutes and Peppermints (The Freefall Trilogy – Part 1) Chocolatier, Lucy Simkins, has been dumped by her dithering boyfriend, Phil. She needs to blast him out of her system. She needs to feel alive. She decides to go skydiving. Joshua Snow is one of the most experienced tandem instructors at the dropzone, with a smile […]

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