Noah’s Rise

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Only 99cents on Kindle Noah’s Rise: Bad Boy Military Romance Stand Alone Novel – A Bad Boy Military Crime and Suspense Tale Set In the Civilian World 50 Shades of Grey Meets Kill Bill in M.P. Lodi’s Noah’s Rise. Noah and Emily couldn’t be more different. She grew up poor, and he grew up in […]

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Black and Gold

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Free only for a limited time! Oct 1 Black and Gold Vigilante Justice Action and Adventure Crime Thriller series books 1-3 It’s time for a new type of hero…and a dark kind of justice. Meet Simon, the Man in the Mask, the dark star of the thrilling new Short Read series… BLACK & GOLD. This […]

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Deadly Fun

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Now only $0.99 on Kindle Deadly Fun DEADLY FUN – The perfect sleuth is a chameleon, every man’s perfect dream. Exotic luxury cruises to the Bahamas are supposed to be fun and exciting. This trip is just a routine investigative job for a woman who works in disguise and undercover, using her beauty to entice […]

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Mars Ezechukwu – Author

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My first introduction to Mars Ezechukwu was through his book The Heart Repair Shop. It is not only a great title, but is a very well-written and helpful book. I was surprised to find out that the young man who wrote the book was from Nigeria … so I wanted to find out more!   […]

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Office Confessions: Favors

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Only $0.99 on Kindle Office Confessions: Favors Warning:  This book contains hot steamy workplace encounters, friendship experimentation and sexy self discovery. “Anna has a high-pressure career and an even higher sex drive, and sometimes her battery-powered buddy Mr. Chocolate just isn’t the right man for the job. Luckily, Anna’s two incredibly hot best friends, Dale […]

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A Perfect Fit

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Now FREE on Kindle A Perfect Fit Cami DiCarlo doesn’t agree with her father that her life has been stuck in a rut, so she is not happy when he forces her hand into heading up guest services at his newest five-star hotel. The fact that he unveils the existence of four half-sisters at the […]

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Devlin Sub Rosa

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Devlin Sub Rosa “I didn’t become a 20-million-euro-per hit assassin overnight.” Assassinations, false flag ops, conspiracy theories, New World Order, ISIS/ISIL, CIA, sex and humor infuse this offbeat thriller by an Amazon Top 20 bestselling author. Readers may even discover where Jimmy Hoffa’s body might be hidden. (Other than the Prologue, this third novel is […]

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André Bélanger – Author

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André Bélanger – Author & Lawyer When I first saw André Bélanger’s book, The Anatomy of A DWI Arrest,  I was fascinated to see  a lawyer giving out really great advice in an easy to read and easy to understand manner.  Instead of paying hourly fees in the hundreds and thousands of dollars, Bélanger’s advice […]

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Sarah’s Suspicion

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Sarah’s Suspicion (Simon and Sarah: An Amish Romance Book 1) DOWNLOAD FOR FREE WITH KINDLE UNLIMITED. An Amish Sweet Christian Romance suitable for all ages, by the author of the Best-Selling Sadie and Samuel Collection. BUY the whole Simon and Sarah Collection for 0.99 LIMITED TIME ONLY The young Amish girl, Sarah Noll is a […]

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Samuel’s Promise

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Samuel’s Promise  Don’t miss the newest book by Arwilda Allshouse Amish Romance: Love’s True Course (Hannah and Elam Book 3) Amish Romance: Samuel’s Promise (Book 1) Samuel and Sadie 4-in1 Set   DOWNLOAD FOR FREE WITH KINDLE UNLIMITED. A 15,000 word Sweet Christian Amish Romance Novella suitable for all ages. When Sadie Byler’s wagon breaks […]

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THRUST THRUST (Into the Fire #1) When the western Roman Empire collapses into chaos, career soldier Marcus does the only thing that makes sense: he returns to the home of his foster father, a blacksmith who raised him on the northern frontier. But twenty years have passed, and the massive brute claiming the smith’s forge […]

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Money Never Enough

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Money Never Enough “With Money ,people cannot necessarily materialize everything ,  however  without money many things  cannot be accomplished. ”  Thanks to new developments and advances in technology , science , medical and other fields, humans can now enjoy longer life span with healthier and wealthier lives , today there are great opportunities to explore to gain […]

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Keep It Super Simple

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Keep It Super Simple ~ ~ More and more micro-entrepreneurs are starting e-businesses; helping to grow this segment of businesses to over 5 billion by 2016. Unfortunately a vast majority of micro-entrepreneurs continue to fail to understand how branding relates to their business. Stop struggling to get your brand off the ground. This failure has […]

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Ketogenic Diet

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Ketogenic Diet: 500 Ketogenic, Low Carb Recipes, for Healthy Weight Loss Discover 500 Ketogenic, Low Carb-Packed Recipes to a Healthy Body ***Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited – Download Now!*** If you want to prepare fast, delicious and healthy meals and stick with you Ketogenic Diet then this recipe book is for you…. […]

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Cinderella, not quite the fairy tale

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Cinderella, not quite the fairy tale The King needs an heir and that means finding some sort of woman to do the job; “That’s all it’s about, ultimately: basic, carnal compatibility in order to satisfy this need. For that reason, the pictures I request of those who wish to apply are explicit. The full prerequisites […]

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Return to Cedar Hill

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Now on Kindle Return to Cedar Hill In search of something she can’t quite put a name to Mary Lane returns to the place her family has called home for almost two hundred years. Some would say she was looking for a new beginning, and others who thought they knew her well would insist she […]

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The Delicate Balance: A Mindful Approach for Professional and Family Caregivers

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Now on Kindle The Delicate Balance: A Mindful Approach for Professional and Family Caregivers The Delicate Balance: A Mindful Approach for Professional and Family Caregivers was written by Phyllis Quinlan RN, PhD, registered nurse, international author, public speaker, and personal coach. This heartfelt and poignant work is intended to help those professional and family caregivers […]

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