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5 Online Resources for Better Writing

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Writing is a detailed process which requires a lot of practice to perfect. Writing requires streamlined skills, experience and expertise in the different writing styles. This is because no writing styles or audience demand the same things. They are always different. However, there are very few good writers to go around. There are different tools you can use to write well. This article gives you the 20 top websites you can use to better your writing skills.

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1. HyperGrammar

Writing depends a lot on your use of grammar. The rules are so many depending on what form of writing you want to practice or want to do. Grammar makes it easy to communicate. This website will teach you how to creatively use grammar to communicate effectively with your writing.

HyperGrammar is a large English grammar and workbook encoded in TEI, and converted using James Clark’s SP parser and David Megginson’s SGMLSpm post-processor for display over the Internet.

2. Plagiarism checker

This is the best plagiarism tool on the internet today. This will ensure that whatever you write is original. It helps add authenticity and credibility to your writing. Plagtracker has self-designed algorithm which searches a database of thousands of academic papers to make sure the name on the top of the paper belongs to the original owner of the material.

3. Writer’s Block

Writers block has been around for a while now. It caters for every need you have as a writer. These resources cover abbreviations, capitalization, word usage, writing styles and so much more. All these are geared at enabling you write better.Writer’s Block is a web resource for communication and learning from experiences of other editors, writers, and documentation specialists. Writer’s Block is published by NIVA Inc., Canada’s leading documentation firm.

4. The Guide to Grammar and Writing

In terms of the user friendliness, this site carries the day. Its grammar learning resources are organized in a way that teaches you depending on where your inefficiencies are. These resources attend to your needs from sentence level, paragraph level to presentations. It has all these resources for you.

The Guide to Grammar and Writing is sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports scholarships, faculty development, and curriculum innovation.

5. Dr. Grammar’s Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Grammar as it’s popularly known teaches all the rules of grammar. Like many of the above it extends the grammar resources to cover most of those which will help you learn different styles of writing.

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